This is a miscellaneous project, so I put it under my “sketches” header (which was feeling empty and lonely anyway).

I have this big, lovely, heavy glass vase that I received from my rockin’ sister-in-law Angela a couple Christmas’s ago.  I love having it out, but its so big and heavy I don’t like to keep real flowers in it – the water gets skunky, it makes the vase stink, and I don’t want to be handling it at the sink when its wet.  Even thinking about accidentally dropping and breaking it makes me want to cry!  And I’m a massive klutz, so I started to do some research online for making origami flowers.  I remembered seeing some ages ago that were made out of newspapers and magazines and thought they were really cool.

I found this tutorial video on YouTube:  origami flowers

These are the ones I ended up making – They are all different sizes.  The bigger ones can be made with only 6 sections, and they look great, but the smaller ones just won’t stayed glued with that much strain on edges.  For the smaller flowers I used up to 8 sections.  All you need is a magazine (or newspaper, or book pages) and a glue stick.  I basically just wedged them onto the end of a stick, but there are other ways to display them as well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They look great in a vase on their own, but I stuck some various other doo-dads in the vase with them.  Its a huge vase, and needs substance.


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