Monthly Archives: April 2013

Spring is in Boston!

Hello everyone.  I’m choosing to believe this time that there will not be another cold snap in Boston, as of April 25th.  The weather has been so gorgeous the past couple days I really hope it sticks around.  With the recent terrible events that have happened in the city this past week, it would be nice to give the people something a little uplifting.

I’ve been busy adding a few new designs on Spoonflower, and entering some contests.

I’d love for you to vote for this week’s design- category “Sailing”.  As usual you need to search out my username or design’s name which is “Full Sail”.  I wish I could provide a direct link, but Spoonflower doesn’t work that way, sorry.  It looks like this:

Full Sail

However, I’m not going to be pushy about this design because the BIGGIE is coming up in May.  Friends and family, prepare yourself for a barrage of pleas for voting in the upcoming Super 8 design contest.  You have been warned.

Now get out and enjoy the sun!


Upcycled Kitchen Island Win!

So I moved… again.  I love the new place.  Its much more roomy, and has a nice fenced in yard for the dogs. I had one major gripe with it though… For those of you who know me best, you know I love to cook (and eat).  I have a kitchen pot/pan/utensil/gadget for every cooking need.  The kitchen in my new place is quite large, but seriously lacking in cabinets.  I mean there are honestly like 3 cabinets in there.  I don’t get it.  An entire wall of real estate was being unused.

Since its a rental, there was no way I was going to invest in buying and installing new cabinets and countertops.  I started scouring Craigslist for used islands, but none of them were really quite right.

Then I saw a woman nearby was selling an old dresser.  A lightbulb went on in my brain.  Dan and I went and picked it up, brought it home, and I immediately started to dissect it in my kitchen. I removed the hardware, painted it, and added new legs for height.  I busted up two of the drawers totally, and married two drawer fronts to make a door for a large storage space (my margarita machine needs a big house). I needed more countertop space than the dresser itself could provide, so I went to Lowe’s and had them cut a piece of MDF for me.  I attached that to the top, and simply covered it with contact paper.

Check out its kitchen majesty here…

p.s.  If anyone of you needs my new address, send me a message and I’ll get back to you!