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Snails Alive!

I am inspired by my phone today!

If anyone reading this is thinking that they’d love to get a cool, unique cover for the iPhone – then this is the place:

This website allows you to take any original image (i.e., photos, a painting) and put it onto your phone cover.  They also feature artists with incredible designs.

I had a phone cover made for myself from one of my designs last year.  I have to say as well, the case really holds up.  I drop my phone all the time – and the case only has the tiniest bit of wear and tear.  You can see it here:  Snails Alive!


All images and designs on this website © Amy Keating


in love with a medium

No, not a psychic.  A painting medium.

If you have never painted with gouache, I highly recommend trying it. Now, not all gouache brands are created equally – if you want a true color thats deep and heavy with pigment, go with Winsor & Newton.  Yes they are a bit more spendy, but its like painting with liquid velvet, I swear.

And the color!  Check out these roughs I did for a neon painting.

Pinata Fiesta

back from Pennsylvania

I am back in the Boston area after a brief visit with my friends and fam over the long President’s Day weekend.  I gotta keep plugging away on this website!  I really wish that I had a way to scan my large prints and paintings.  If I leave them in sleeves, the plastic makes a glare.  If I take them out, the edges curl and they look distorted.  Boo!  But I’m trying my best to make them look lovely in photo. Please check out my new additions under “surface designs”.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!!


Today I finally finished my hand-painted retro tropical dry brush design.  The idea started late last summer, but with us moving around recently and all my paints packed away, I was only just able to complete this bad boy.

Have a look at the progress in my surface design sections.

Would you put it on your patio?

Retro Dry Brush

Well, here it is…

My wonderful husbear, Dan, thinks its high time that I started a blogging site/online portfolio to display my wares.

I agree.

So bear with me while I get it all sorted.  Feel free to drop by it once and awhile to offer me praise, or criticisms, or suggestions.

And I hope you leave it feeling a bit inspired.