Monthly Archives: July 2013

I went all mod.

I went on a bit of a Mod design kick.  A while back Spoonflower did a mod design based contest, and I did one design, then two, then about 10.  Man they are fun.  Also, with the newest season of MadMen coming to an end I got a ton of inspiration.  What a great show – but I think Sally is really gonna be a messed up little girl with daddy issues.

See my MOD DESIGN PAGE here.



My outdated version of Photoshop seems to be on the fritz.  Actually, I’m not sure if its completely Photoshop’s fault.  Part of the blame surely lies at the feet of my Mac, which can’t handle any sort of heat at all before it has a hissy fit and randomly crashes things. Alas it is summer, and the heat is on.

Together these two thing make for a frustrating time at the the desk, attempting to pattern make.  I will prevail.

Keep posted for some uploads.