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hand drawn birds and things

I’ve entered another contest on Spoonflower kids.  Their contest rules were that the design had to be hand drawn.  I had an idea for bird cages and birds and clouds – but after I did it, I thought I’d try something more whimsical.  Birds and cats with balloons.  I have to say, drawing cats took some research.  I am not a cat person, I’m a dog person.  But I think they turned out to be very cute.  I especially like the little butthole I put on one of the cats 😉

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I think its interesting how different the two different design look and feel, considering they contain many of the same elements.


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Illustrator is magic

I’ve been more or less teaching myself how to use Illustrator in a more “fabricy repeating pattern” kind of way”.  I’ve stumbled across some short cuts – and have been playing with geometrics.  I think some of them look really cool, and some others have the potential to be cooler younger brothers, but they aren’t quite there yet.

Have a peak here:

Illustrator magic!