Jacobean  refers to a style that flourished in the reign of King James I of England in the first quarter of the 17th century.

“The term is usually used today to describe a form of crewel embroidery used for furnishing characterized by fanciful plant and animal shapes worked in a variety of stitches with two-ply wool yarnon linen. Popular motifs in Jacobean embroidery, especially curtains for bed hangings, are the Tree of Life and stylized forests, usually rendered as exotic plants arising from a landscape or terra firma with birdsstagssquirrels, and other familiar animals.” – Wikipedia

We see them everywhere, but most people don’t know what they are called.  They can be seen on curtains, carpets and throw pillows.  I am talking about the Jacobean design.

It probably took me 40+ hours to paint this puppy.  Its a labor of love for sure.

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All images and designs on this website © Amy Keating


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