About Me

My name is Amy.  Or Amy Jo if you are so inclined.

I have always loved to get my hands into things.  Always busy.  Sewing, beading, knitting, painting, crocheting, cooking, drawing, hot glueing – it doesn’t matter!

My first love was sewing.  My mom wouldn’t buy me those fancy Barbie clothes that were for sale in the 5 and 10.  But she DID show me how to use her cast iron, 1950’s singer sewing machine with the knee pedal.  Which in the long run was better than buying me those crappy pink sequined dresses anyway.  My Barbie’s were the most fashion forward Barbies in the hood.  Thanks mom.

But that wasn’t all growing up.  There were art classes, and drawing in my bedroom while listening to The Cure… my gothy self eventually went to art school, and then I went to school for fashion design.  I just couldn’t put my finger on the one thing that I loved to do.  I guess I am still a bit like that.

Many years later, many professions later, my new love is surface design.  I have ALWAYS loved fabrics- and the great thing about surface design is that it doesn’t stop with fabric.  Wallpapers, stationary, paper plates, linens…   have you ever considered the tissue boxes at the stores?  I DO.  Someone out there lovingly makes a design, with consideration to your living room or bathroom or office, and makes it fit onto a specifically sized box.

Now THAT’S something.


All images and designs on this website © Amy Keating


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