hand drawn birds and things

I’ve entered another contest on Spoonflower kids.  Their contest rules were that the design had to be hand drawn.  I had an idea for bird cages and birds and clouds – but after I did it, I thought I’d try something more whimsical.  Birds and cats with balloons.  I have to say, drawing cats took some research.  I am not a cat person, I’m a dog person.  But I think they turned out to be very cute.  I especially like the little butthole I put on one of the cats 😉

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I think its interesting how different the two different design look and feel, considering they contain many of the same elements.


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Illustrator is magic

I’ve been more or less teaching myself how to use Illustrator in a more “fabricy repeating pattern” kind of way”.  I’ve stumbled across some short cuts – and have been playing with geometrics.  I think some of them look really cool, and some others have the potential to be cooler younger brothers, but they aren’t quite there yet.

Have a peak here:

Illustrator magic!

Sea Majesty

I’ve finished my watercolor/jellyfish design.

Its the size and shape it is because I entered the design into a competition being held by Spoonflower.  The design had to be done in the style of pen and ink.  So as you saw previously I made some pretty cool watercolor blobs with watercolor and salt.  I then sketched out a number of jellyfishes (and regular fishes) to be swimming around.  Then I threw them into Photoshop, then Illustrator to make a repeating jellyfish stew.

Just so you all know, if my design gets chosen for voting I will mercilessly be assaulting everyone I know with requests to vote for my design on the Spoonflower website.  The prize is pretty sweet.  I will find out next month.  Until then, feast your eyes and feel free to offer any input.


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All images and designs on this website © Amy Keating

Are watercolors lame?

A lot of people don’t like watercolor.  Even a lot of artists don’t like them.  I can see why.  Of all the paints, they are sort of…  passive aggressive.  They always pop up in cafes or restaurants.  Hotels.  Flowers done by old ladies at a weekend workshop for $35.   Wishy washy, but in your face.

You know what I mean.

I have watercolor, and hell, I’ve even gotten some pretty good results out of them.  I am re-exploring them for a contest I want to enter.  Some really cool things happen to watercolor when you put salt on them.  This is new to me!

I told Dan and he said, “duh, we did that in gradeschool..”

I am going to pursue this new found thing that’s already been found.  And possibly add jellyfish.

Busy and not busy…

I just realized it has been a while since I posted anything to my site.  You see, I’ve been busy but not busy at the same time.  How is that???

Well, my awesome brother came for a visit, and the Boston weather has turned a bit.  Not so much hiding from the winter anymore, and finally getting to sample some of the things that Boston has to offer.

1) We went to the IMAX to see Hunger Games.

2)  We went to the Museum of Industry in Waltham, followed by some delicious beers at the Watch City Brewery which is right next door.

3) We went on the Sam Adams Brewery “tour” (notice my quotation marks). Its not really what I would call a tour, but they do give you an awful lot of beer.  The Sam Adams brewery then runs a party bus every twenty minutes to a very old pub called Doyles (130 years old).  They were the first pub ever to offer Sam Adams on tap, and still do.  Not only that – if you mention you came from the tour they give away the special Sam Adams beer glass for free.  Fancy!

4) We went on the Fenway Park tour.  Now, I have to say here that I am not a baseball fan, and don’t have a special affinity to any team.  BUT it was a fantastic tour.  If you are ever in the Boston area I highly recommend it.  Fenway Stadium turns 100 years old this year, and they are the US’s OLDEST ballpark.

5) I finally got to dine at the unfortunately but hilariously named Clam Box restaurant.  Its always packed when its warm – and if you like large platters of various deep fried fishes and carbs, then this is the place for you.  I can’t say I thought much of it myself, but hey.  I do kinda wish I could get one of their t shirts.

6) Between all this stuff we stopped and ate at many fine restaurants and had many beers at the local bars.  My brother is a machine.  That boy can stay up late and drink way more than me.

So you see, I’ve been busy, but not crafty busy.  Well, I AM still working on the scarf I started to knit back in October.  Knitting is sooooo tedious.  But I just can’t stop.  I have to finish the scarf.  I’m like that you know.  No unfinished projects on MY table.  But no one wants to see pictures of unfinished knitting.  So no photos this time.

Now, who’s visiting me next because I really want to go to the planetarium at the Boston Museum of Science?

My finished duvet a la Tula Pink

Well, I finally fished this duvet.  And I wasn’t slacking – once I started cutting all the pieces, I realized I was short and had to order more.  Here’s a tip:

If you are planning a big project like this, make sure you have all the fabric you need before you start.  Especially if it is an older line of fabric that is not really available in retail stores any longer.  Thank God for eBay.  I managed to find *almost* enough.  I ended up inserting some pieces of something slightly different, but I still like the way it turned out.

And Oskar is just so cute sometimes I wanna smoosh his little face in.


I <3 Tula Pink.

I’ve been hanging onto these beautiful pieces of fabric for months.  I got them with the intention of making another duvet cover.  You can never have enough of those when you have two dogs who are much to fancy for floor sleeping.


I did a quick mock-up in Illustrator for the final layout.  Its simple, but I don’t want to be sewing it for days on end.  I’m hoping it turns out like this:

I just love this design so much.  The vines making up the body of the bird is so clever and striking.  These two fabrics are from a collection called “nest” produced by Moda.  They were designed by an artist the goes by Tula Pink, and she is divine.  I believe this collection came out last year, and it is pretty hard to find anymore.  I will put up pictures when my project is finished…

Keep on sewin, sewin ninjas.



Why is software sooo expensive?

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided that I desperately need an Adobe software update and various other plugins for the mac.  I’m taking up a collection.  I think $1,000 should just about do it.

If you want to donate money to a good cause, let me know 😉

Seriously, I do need the money.

Not kidding – I’ll take yours.

In the meantime, here is a link to some new uploads.  I did do this project with the older software on my teeny tiny laptop screen, and believe me, I suffered.


Hope you’re having a lovely weekend  🙂