Are watercolors lame?

A lot of people don’t like watercolor.  Even a lot of artists don’t like them.  I can see why.  Of all the paints, they are sort of…  passive aggressive.  They always pop up in cafes or restaurants.  Hotels.  Flowers done by old ladies at a weekend workshop for $35.   Wishy washy, but in your face.

You know what I mean.

I have watercolor, and hell, I’ve even gotten some pretty good results out of them.  I am re-exploring them for a contest I want to enter.  Some really cool things happen to watercolor when you put salt on them.  This is new to me!

I told Dan and he said, “duh, we did that in gradeschool..”

I am going to pursue this new found thing that’s already been found.  And possibly add jellyfish.


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