back from Pennsylvania

I am back in the Boston area after a brief visit with my friends and fam over the long President’s Day weekend.  I gotta keep plugging away on this website!  I really wish that I had a way to scan my large prints and paintings.  If I leave them in sleeves, the plastic makes a glare.  If I take them out, the edges curl and they look distorted.  Boo!  But I’m trying my best to make them look lovely in photo. Please check out my new additions under “surface designs”.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!!


2 thoughts on “back from Pennsylvania

  1. One of the ladies in our class took her Jacobean to be photographed by a professional photographer (at the cost of about $50). He laid it under glass to keep it flat, but I’m not sure how he dealt with any glare issues – maybe it was anti-glare coated.

    1. Yeah, someone else told me about that. And then the photographer stood behind a black sheet with a hole big enough for the camera lens so there would be no reflection. Well, maybe I should get a piece of glass and a black sheet? Thanks Linny.

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